4 Natural Hairstyles That Never Go Out of Style

4 Natural Hairstyles That Never Go Out of Style - Naptural Queen Hair Care

Whether you’re planning on strutting on the red carpet or just trying to make it from one wash day to the next stylishly, we all have our signature go-to hairstyles that will never fail us. For decades and longer, natural women everywhere have depended on bantu knots, flat twists, braided updos, and sleek curly ponytails to express themselves while protecting the health of their hair.

Bantu Knots


A bantu knot is a beautiful traditionally African hairstyle created with sections of hair twisted from the root to the tip to create a knot. Although it may be found more common for this style to be worn as a bantu knot-out, it can also be worn as-is. This style has become increasingly more and more popular over the years, being worn by stars such as Mel B, Rihanna, and even Amandla Steinberg. Much of the popularity of this style comes from how easy it is to do as well as its unique 90s vibe it adds to an overall look.

Flat twists

Flat twists are similar to two-strand twists but done so that it is flat to the scalp like cornrows. Just as you could do with cornrows, you can do as many intricate patterns and styles as you would like, and when you’re done with the style, it can be taken down and worn as a twist out. Flat twists possess the aesthetic of cornrows with a slightly different look and easier execution. This particular style can be dressed up and worn in an updo or dressed down and worn in a simple straight back style similar to cornrows. Celebrities such as Tracee Ellis Ross have been seen rocking this style on more than one occasion.

Braided updo

Of all the mentioned styles, braided updos are among the most versatile. With the many different types of braids available to the natural hair community, there are endless variations of braided updos to explore. You could even add weave! However, the downside to this wonderful style is that it is probably the most difficult to learn how to do and the most time-consuming. The braided updo is one of the best styles for achieving an elegant or dressy natural look while also doubling as a protective style. The braided updo has been very popular with celebrities like Lupita N’yongo who rocked a few red carpets while rocking this versatile natural style.

Sleek curly ponytail

 When you’re pressed for time and need a quick and cute style to turn to after your twist out has ran its course, the most convenient of these 4 hairstyles is the sleek curly ponytail. It is one of the easiest and least time-consuming natural hairstyles, but it is also one of the least versatile. The versatility of this style comes from the positioning of the ponytail and whether you add extensions to it or not. Stars like Yara Shahidi, Gabrielle Union, and Alicia Keys have slayed this style on multiple occasions.


While we have only shared four styles that never go out of style, what’s your favorite go-to? If it isn’t on this list, share it as well. 


Happy styling Queens! 

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