Born and raised in St.Petersburg, Florida, Fatima, is the founder and owner of Naptural Queen Hair Care. The mompreneur is an Army Veteran, holds an Associate's degree in Medical Coding and Billing, a Bachelor's in Health Systems Management, and a Master's in Hustle.
At an early age, Fatima learned the value of independence, hard work and pride that was taught by her Jamaican father and American mother. Growing up, she admired the entrepreneurial mindset of both parents who always had a side hustle to their hustle and was very involved in them.
Fatima has always had a passion for doing her hair as well as others and creating her own DIY hair mixtures to help her along her natural and healthy hair journey. After ending her contract in the Army National Guard and moving to Hawaii to be with her husband in early 2018, Fatima decided to turn what was only a side hustle into a full-time business by opening a mini-home salon within her home as a Certified Natural Hair Care Specialist.
Having worked with different clients experiencing issues with their hair, Fatima began offering specially formulated and non-toxic natural hair products that would help them with those issues. She has since expanded those products and now offer not only her clients, but to consumers worldwide, a range of all-natural hair care products to help them on their natural hair journey. Collectively, these products make up Naptural Queen Hair Care.

Who We Are
At Naptural Queen Hair Care, we care about the overwhelming use of chemicals and toxins that the average human being undergoes daily. We believe that a large part of our struggles with allergies, skin irritants, hair breakage, dry hair and hair loss is to a large extent as a result of the chemicals we come in contact with as we go about our daily activities.
Unfortunately, the hair industry plays a large part in this chemical overload. Many hair products are produced by cocktails of chemicals in order to get the desired look, pattern and feel. We know this and have chosen to go against the trend. We choose to be different, to follow a path of higher resistance; the path of unmatched quality.

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